Veteran Owned...Coming to your get your utility usage down...
A Sub Metering Installation and Service Information Company.
I am committed to providing sincere Water Conservation and Sub-Metering Solutions for property management utility billing concerns.

 My Intent is to provide, links of information and a resume to the
many customers of our industry.

  From the time of install,to the first service call,there is a lot of work
behind the scenes that goes into insuring that your utility bills are
accurate and verifiable.

  Meterologist - One that...Traveles to install,read and service
gas,water, electric,and run time meters...And their respective
read infrastructure systems,to ensure that your utility usage is
accurate and verifiable,by traveling to multi family housing
complexs, condo associations,MHPs, retail sites,military
installations,and municipalities to meet with the appropriate               
personnel to determine what their energy conservation concerns are,and take the best course of action.

Meterology Inc.Is an "American Company" not an "AmeriCan't"

Meterology Inc.Provides "alternative" solutions to complex submetering issues

Meterology Inc. Provides "professional installations and service"

Meterology Inc.  Provides a "unique" and "experienced" view of your sub metering project.

Meterology Inc.Only installs NSF-61 Approved materials

Meterology Inc. is a "Green Company"

Meterology Inc. is Veteran Owned
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